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Thank you everyone for attending yesterday's Listen @ Lunch where we discussed EXERCISE.  This is a brief review of what we talked about for those who could not attend.

1) Science proves that exercise has anti-aging effects.  The study of telomeres, heart mass and other data support this. 

2)  Conditions that can be prevented, improved and even reversed by exercising:  Diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression and some forms of cancer, pain, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders and some digestive complaints.

3)  Swimming, cycling, weightlifting, boxing, dancing and yoga.  All available in Butte, Montana !

4)  General recommendations:  show up daily to establish the habit, cross train, weight train, focus on intensity

Get moving!   Dr. Laura Repola

P.S.  Talk to your doctor before starting an exercise plan.  See me for a check-up or sports physical.



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